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Swans Academy Coaches Thrive in 2017

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 3:46 PM - by Christian Tufilli

10 Community Youth Football coaches from the Swans District were given the opportunity to further develop their coaching skills alongside WA Football League (WAFL) coaches, Talent Managers and WAFC District Development Staff over the past 6 months.

Coaches were able to buddy up with a mentor for the duration of the program and took part in a series of professional development sessions that focus on skill development, match-day coaching and club training.

The main aim of the program was to provide an opportunity for community coaches to improve their skills to ensure the standard of community coaching is continually being enhanced to meet the changing needs of the players and the sport itself.

Program organiser, WAFC Metro Central District Operations Manager Scott Faulkner said the program is all about sharing and developing best coaching practice. “The Community Coach Academy program aims to provide an inner-sanctum experience for youth-aged community coaches, and an opportunity for the sharing of best practice,” Faulkner said.

“Coaches are put through an extensive program that aims to improve all facets of their coaching, from training through to match day.” If the Coaching Academy program is for you, express your interest through the following link. If the Coaching Academy program is for you, express your interest through the following link –REGISTER INTEREST

PlayAFL in the Swans District 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 4:37 PM

Footy season is not that far away - now is the time to get in the game for 2017. Australian Football is the sport for everyone. Whether you are new to the game, want to play socially or hope to become an elite AFL star, you can find a version of the game that's right for you!

The Swans District includes 19 Junior Clubs – Aveley, Bassendean, Caversham, Chidlow, Chittering, Darlington, Hills Rangers, Forrestfield, Gidgegannup, High Wycombe, Kalamunda, Lesmurdie, Mazenod, Midvale, Mt Helena, Mundaring, Parkerville, Swan View and Upper Swan. Age groups range from Auskick- Year 12. Our Female Football teams start at Junior Girls (4-6) and culminate at Youth Girls (7-10). For Junior and youth girls enquiries, please contact Scott Faulkner.  

Auskick (PP-Year 2)

NAB AFL Auskick makes learning to play Australian Football fun, safe and easy for boys and girls. Through weekly coaching sessions they will learn the skills of the game in an exciting, social and safe environment.

Children will be taught fundamental motor skills and learn how to interact with others as part of a team. Head over to and register today!

Modified Juniors (Year 3-Year 6)

Junior football provides boys and girls the opportunity to make friends, keep active and learn new skills in a supportive environment. Junior Football involves a fixture of matches in a team environment. Played on smaller grounds, the rules are tailored to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all involved.

Register for Junior Football Now! -

Youth Football (Year 7- Year 12)

Youth Football provides teenagers the opportunity to play Australian rules football in an open rules environment. Competing on full size grounds, a series of matches are fixtured across the Central Conference. Teams will compete in finals for the first time, helping prepare top aged youth players for senior football.

Register for Youth Football Now!

Female Football (Year 4-6) & (Year 7-10)

Female Football is a great way for girls and women to make friends, keep active and learn new skills. Female Football continues to grow at a rapid rate, meaning accessing a single gender team locally is easier than ever. The participation pathway provides opportunities to players of all skill levels and aspirations, including exciting new talent development opportunities. 

Register for Female Football Now!

Registration Links and Resources 

Kidsport available for all registrations - for more infomation

Register For Junior, Youth and Female Football here -

Register for Auskick here –


Black & White Xmas Edition!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 12:53 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

The latest edition of the Black & White magazine looks at a host of community football news in the Swans District. Ranging from Auskick to Female Football and everything in between, the Black & White Magazine will keep you up to date with all the fantastic programs, events and competitions happenings in your backyard.

To read up on the latest edition of the Black & White magazine, visit the link below.

2016 Progress Cup Results & Ladders - Finals Round

Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 4:48 PM - by Daniel CURTIS


The Progress Cup is a 7 week night-time social competition, which sources participants from the Swans District Year 4s & 5s Competition. The social competition continues to mature in status with coaches, players and umpires relishing the different regulations and structures composed in the innovative product, which is housed at Baskerville Reserve, Upper Swan JFC.

The electrifying product, which has become entwined in the Swans District brand, was christened the Progress Cup by Swans District Principal Partner Progress Developments in 2012.

The Progress Cup, which is delivered by Swans District Development Officer Daniel Curtis, utilises different gameplay elements whilst maintaining the basic segments of the Swans District Junior Competition. The nine-per-side competition dilutes overcrowding, whilst displaying a high-scoring spectacle due to the provision of three scorers per side. The modified positioning and higher rotations increase possession by 50%, which enhances self-esteem and skill development in the process.

The Progress Cup, which starts on the 14th October and concludes on the 25th November, will see 12 Year 4s and 5s sides play in the pulsating 7 week competition situated in the soul of the Swan Valley. The night-time competition possesses a number of different timeslots including 5:50pm, 6:40pm and 7:30pm to accommodate for other sporting codes. In light of the excellent support of Principal Partner Progress Development, Swans District staff is now exposing our great game to other sporting codes through the Progress Cup including Binar Sports.

2016 Progress Cup Results & Ladders

Round 1,

Year 4s

Aveley - 10.2 (62) def. Upper Swan Black 0.2 (2)
Upper Swan Gold - 0.1 (1) def by. Kalamunda 10.1 (61)
Darlington - 3.5 (23) def by. Bassendean - 11.6 (72)

Year 5s

Upper Swan White - 2.2 (14) def by. Bassendean 11.10 (76)
Upper Swan Gold - 5.1 (31) def by. Binar - 7.6 (48)
Upper Swan Black - 10.4 (64) def. Caversham - 7.4 (46)

Round 2,

Year 4s

Bassendean - 8.7 (55) def. Aveley - 2.0 (12)
Kalamunda - 11.0 (66) def. Darlington - 1.0 (6)
Upper Swan Gold - 3.3 (21) def by. Upper Swan Black 8.7 (55)

Year 5s

Caversham - 11.3 (69) def. Upper Swan White - 7.6 (48)
Binar - 6.7 (43) def. Upper Swan Black - 4.3 (27)
Bassendean - 10.9 (69) def. Upper Swan Gold - 2.5 (17)

Round 3,

Year 4s

Upper Swan Gold - 3.1 (19) def by. Bassendean - 11.12 (78)
Kalamunda - 11.5 (71) def. Upper Swan Black - 2.2 (14)
Darlington - 3.0 (18) def by. Aveley 6.7 (43)

Year 5s,

Upper Swan Gold - 4.2 (26) def by. Caversham - 9.8 (62)
Binar - 9.6 (60) def. Bassendean 9.4 (58)
Upper Swan Black - 9.4 (58) def. Upper Swan White 6.5 (41)

Round 4,

Year 4s

Bassendean - 10. 6 (66) def. Upper Swan Black - 4.3 (27)
Darlington - 3.2 (20) def by. Upper Swan Gold - 10.2 (62)
Kalamunda 7. 11 (53) def.  Aveley - 2.4 (16)

Year 5s

Caversham - 7.8 (50) def by Bassendean - 9.3 (57)

Upper Swan Black - 9.3 (57) def Upper Swan Gold - 2.6 (18)

Binar - 11.3 (69) def Upper Swan White - 3.4 (22)

Round 5,

Year 4s 

Bassendean - 7.6 (48) def. Kalamunda 2.1 (13)

Aveley - 6.4 (40) def. Upper Swan Gold - 3.3 (21)

Darlington - 4.5 (29) def by. Upper Swan Black - 9.10 (64)

Year 5s

Binar - 2.6 (18) def by. Caversham - 8.5 (53) 

Bassendean - 14.0 (84) def. Upper Swan Black - 4.0 (24)

Upper Swan White - 10.4 (64) def. Upper Swan Gold - 3.4 (22) 

Round 6 

Year 4s

Aveley 4.0 (24) def by. Upper Swan Black 5.2 (32) 

Darlington 0.1 (1) def by. Bassendean 10.1 (61) 

Kalamunda 6.10 (46) def. Upper Swan Gold 0.1 (1) 

Year 5s

Binar 10. 6 (66) def. Upper Swan Gold 1.0 (6) 

Bassendean 10.7 (67) def. Upper Swan White 1.1 (7) 

Caversham 10.10 (70) def. Upper Swan Black 7.3 (45) 

Finals Round

Year 4s

Upper Swan Gold 4.5 (29) def. Darlington 3.3 (21) 

Aveley 4.4 (28) def by. Upper Swan Black 8.5 (53) 

Bassendean 7.3 (45) def Kalamunda 6.4 (40) 

Year 5s

Upper Swan White 8.5 (53) def. Upper Swan Gold 5.9 (39) 

Caversham 11.5 (71) def. Upper Swan Black 6.1 (37) 

Bassendean 8.5 (53) def. Binar 4.4 (28) 

Ladder at completion of Round 6

Year 4s

Club                               Pts       PtsFor      PtsAg      %

Bassendean                  24         380           74           514

Kalamunda                    20         310           86           360

Aveley                           12         197           181         109

Upper Swan Black         12        194           273          71

Upper Swan Gold          4          125           300          42

Darlington                      0          97             368          26


Year 5s

Bassendean                 20         411           172          239

Binar                             20         310           198          156

Caversham                   16         350           258          136

Upper Swan Black        12         275           302          91

Upper Swan White        4          197           367           54

Upper Swan Gold         0          120           366           33


Black & White Magazine, issue no.5 - District Awards season clicks into gear

Friday, October 21, 2016 - 11:03 AM - by Daniel CURTIS

Black & White Magazine,

Keeping you up to date with all your community football needs in the Swans District.

This issue wraps up the District & Central Conference Awards season with Fairest & Best results and Grand Final victories littered throughout. 

Find us Facebook 'Swans District' and on Instagram as well 'swansdistrict'

Should you wish to find out more information about the Swans District 'Black & White' Magazine, please contact Development Officer, Dan Curtis at or on 0430 969 906.

V Swans S2S Program to develop District's future stars

Friday, October 14, 2016 - 3:32 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

V Swans S2S

Swans District is proud to support the V Swans S2S Program as a way to develop the local community football talent that is bursting at the seams across clubs in the Swans District.

With the inaugural Central Conference competition housing the female football stars of tomorrow at Lightning Park, Noranda in 2016, the V Swans program will look to develop talented individuals in a player and personal education program throughout the summer months at Steel Blue Oval, Bassendean.

As a number of clubs including, Bassendean JFC, Midvale JFC, Swan View JFC & High Wycombe JFC look to build on their existing platforms, the expansion of the new AFL Women's Competition will aim to bring a host of clubs on board in 2017 and beyond.

For girls who wish to enter the talent pathway and better themselves in this inclusive practice with the likes of Fremantle FC marquee player & Swan Districts Football Club Premiership captain, Kara Donnellan please see the below message as below,

- - - - - - - - -

V Swans, as a part of the Swan Districts Football Club are inviting you to become apart of the V Swans S2S (Strength 2 Succeed) program, as some of you may be aware of our upcoming S2S program that will be running over the pre-season (October 2016  - Feb 2017). With the support of the Swans District, we are proud to open this up to talented individuals from within our local region to improve their football.

Those that are a part of this program will have the opportunity to be invited on incentive camps just like some of the girls were lucky enough to head to Darwin last week. With tutelage from the our best Women's players and coaches, S2S will be the development program for you to improve not only on the field but also off it as well.

Please click the link below and fill out the rego form. More information will follow. Please forward this on to anyone you may think would be interested! The program will be bigger and better than last year!

The S2S Female Information Evening will be held on Friday 21st October at Steel Blue Oval, Bassendean.

Any questions please contact V Swans High Performance/ Justice Manager – Kara Donnellan –

WAFC Level 2 & Coaching Coordinator Courses

Monday, October 3, 2016 - 4:12 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

WAFC Club Coaching Coordinator Course

WAFC Level 2 Coaching Course


ECU Joondalup

19th & 20th November 2016

We are calling for coaches to express their interest in attending the 2016 Level 2 Coaching Course, if you are interested in attending please complete the online form below,



Before completing the form please ensure that you meet all of the criteria for enrolment as listed below.

To register for the Level 2 Course coaches must ensure they are demonstrating the appropriate coaching attitudes, behaviours and skills.


The competencies expected of a Level 2 coach clearly reflect the ability to plan, prepare, conduct, review and adapt training and match programs in the context of a yearly plan.

•Must be coaching at Youth (Year 8-12) or Senior (18+) level in season 2014
•Coaches at the Auskick level (pp-year 3) or Junior Rules (Year 4-7) are not eligible
•Coaches to have completed Level 1 Youth or Senior Course
•Necessary to have been coaching for a minimum of 3 years


The program includes practical sessions and formal presentations from experts in their fields. The level 2 course is a combination of practical and education sessions, and will take place throughout a full season.



ECU Joondalup

19th & 20th November 2016

We are calling for coaches to express their interest in attending the 2016 Club Coach Coordinator Course, if you are interested in attending please complete the online form below,



Course Description

This course will provide information and skills that will equip the candidate with the knowledge and confidence that will enable the Club Coaching Coordinator to make a significant difference to the coaching program, coaches and to the value that is placed on coaches in the club or school.

This course adopts an approach that will enable the participants to facilitate positive interactions when dealing with coaches and officials within the club or school environment. Coaches will learn about various strategies in influencing others when achieving shared goals in the coaching environment.

The course gives plenty of practice in developing interpersonal relationships and a positive coaching environment.


Course Objectives

This course focuses on how the Club Coaching Coordinator can act as a facilitator and mentor in the process of improving the coaching program, personnel and the club culture

The course objectives are to:
1.Provide an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Club Coaching Coordinator;
2.Improve the Club Coaching Coordinator’s communicative competence;
3.Demonstrate the benefits of a coaching trademark and a sound coaching philosophy
4.Introduce Club Coaching Coordinators to coach assessment and assessor training;
5.Provide an understanding of mentoring in the self improvement of coaches;
6.Improve the Club Coaching Coordinator’s competence and confidence in developing a positive club culture;
7.Improve the process of the recruitment, selection and retention of coaches

Black & White Magazine, issue no.4 - Auskick Showcase lights Lilac Hill

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 2:02 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

The latest edition of the Black & White magazine looks at a host of community football news in the Swans District. Ranging from Auskick to Female Football and everything in between, the Black & White Magazine will keep you up to date with all the fantastic programs, events and competitions happenings in your backyard.

 To read up on the latest edition of the Black & White magazine, visit the link below.

Swans stars shine at Central Conference Awards

Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 12:27 PM

The WAFC Central Conference Awards season kicked off with a stack of Swans District future stars coming out on top in their respective Fairest & Best counts.

Played in front a packed house at Medibank Stadium, players were recognised for their outstanding talents throughout the 2016 season as players head into the respective WAFC Central Conference Finals Series.

With the dolset tones of each respective District Competition Director, Trevor Gosatti (Swans), Justin Sambell (Perth) and Angelo Barbaro (East Perth) in full swing, the future stars of the game were read out in anticipation.

For the first time, a live stream of the night was published through the respective Facebook pages of each District, which allowed many players to engage in the counts like never before. After 14 rounds of pre-counted votes, the top 5 of each Division were invited to East Perth FC to live through the final rounds.

With a number of bumper divisions in the Central Conference this year, Swans District had a swag of highly touted juniors coming out on top in their respective divisions.

Please see the below list of the highest polling Swans District players as the night unfolded.

CC Year 8 Red - Division 1   -  Braeden McKeown (Mazenod JFC)
CC Year 8 White - Division 2  - Aiden Dinely (High Wycombe JFC)
CC Year 8 Blue - Division 3 -  Jahmal Indich (Bassendean JFC)
CC Year 9 Red - Division 1 - Tyler Coomber-Pill (Caversham JFC)
CC Year 9 White - Division 2 - Giacomo Paduano (Mazenod JFC)
CC Year 9 Blue - Division 3 - Digby Crossland (Midvale JFC)
CC Year 10 Barry Cable - Division 1 - Seb Bright (Hills Rangers JFC),  R/U Max Bradley (High Wycombe JFC)
CC Year 11 White - Division 1 - Adam Disisto (Mazenod JFC),  R/U Denzel More (Upper Swan JFC)
CC Year 11 Blue - Division 2 - Mark Sinclair (Caversham JFC)
CC Year 12 - R/U Kane Swithenbank (Mazenod JFC), R/U Sateki A'Vard (Bassendean JFC), R/U Tristan Judge (High Wycombe JFC)
CC Girls 15U - Mavis Lyndon (Midvale JFC)

*Bold indicates Winners*

All Central Conference Fairest & Best Counts (Yr 8-12) can be viewed on Facebook, search 'Swans District' to watch it all!


AFL9s Is Coming To Ashfield Reserve!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 2:33 PM






McDonald's AFL 9s is the AFL's social version of the game. It's a fast, free-flowing game that involves 9 players on each team playing on a smaller field. Best of all, it's 'touch football' with no tackling or bumping, making it suitable for people of any age or skill level. Importantly, McDonald's AFL 9s is easy to play, not too physically demanding and provides an enviroment where fun, enjoyment and safety are a priority.

McDonald's AFL 9s enables people of all ages and ability levels to participate in a male, female or mixed competitions that fit around their busy lives and provide a social and fitness outlet.

Spring is the best time to try AFL9s. With the AFL finals at fever pitch, community football finished for another season and the warmth of summer not too far away. Get your team together and join the fun! 



2016 AFL 9s Ashfield Spring Season Details

Competitions: Mens and Mixed

Venue: Ashfield Reserve, Guilford Road 

Season Dates: Wednesday Nights for 10 weeks starting October 5th

Price: $930 per team (Lump payments, not weekly)

Register Now! -


For more details please contact Community Development Officer - Christian Tufilli 

Swans AFL School Ambassadors reap the rewards

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 - 2:07 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

The Western Australian Football Commission (WAFC) held it's annual AFL School Ambassador Awards Night recently. With over 150 of the State's key school stakeholders, including representatives from the West Coast Eagles, Fremantle Dockers, WAFC staff and of course a host of the best AFL School Ambassadors present.

Hosted at Domain Stadium, the AFL School Ambassador Awards look to recognise the outstounding work that a number of teachers do in their respective schools in relation to the number of programs and competitions they compete in, while also looking at innovation, relationships with local community clubs and local WAFC Game Development staff.

Across the year, there are a number of outstanding AFL School Ambassadors that would of deserved to be in the running for the  seven catergories, but after a swag of applications,only two Swans District AFL School Ambassadors were listed finalists.

Most Outstanding First Year AFL School Ambassador

Jake Davis - Eastern Hills SHS

Most Outstanding Primary AFL School Ambassador

Matt Snell - Ashfield Primary School


After picking up several awards with other AFL School Ambassadors in previous years, including current District Gold Ambassador, Joe Kendall, it was Eastern Hills SHS teacher, Jake Davis who came up trumps with the Most Outstanding First Year Award. Davis, in his 1st year as a Phys Ed teacher, acheived some monumental triumphs in his inaugural AFL School Ambassador year.

- First WAFC Year 8/9 Schoolboys Cup team in Eastern Hills SHS history.

- Freo House Footy program including over 75 Year 8-10 Boys, this program was inclusive of attendance, behaviour and commitment to class room actions before participation, this enabled Jake to have one of the highest participating program or classes in terms of its engagement when compared to other programs or classes in the school.

- Built early relations with the local community club, Hills Rangers JFC and Swans District Development staff.

Credit to Ashfield PS Principal, Matt Snell, who once again made the Finalists group but unfortunately couldn't pull off the double act for the Swans District. Snell's acheivements in creating the Bassendean Kids program, an after hours school-based Auskick that with District support, kitted out the eager participants in Bassendean JFC t-shirts that assimiliated their connection to the local community club.

A huge thank you to all the AFL School Ambassadors within the Swans District, your support of programs, competitions and continuing to use AFL as a driver for greater participation in great game certainly doesn't go unnoticed.



Black & White Magazine - Progress Junior Girls take over

Friday, August 5, 2016 - 2:18 PM - by Daniel CURTIS











Black & White Magazine,

Keeping you up to date with all your community football needs in the Swans District.

Find us Facebook 'Swans District' and on Instagram as well 'swansdistrict'

Langley Park holds Auskick Gala Day bonanza

Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 2:58 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

The WAFC Metro Central Game Development team has held the inaugural Central Conference Auskick Gala Day at Langley Park. With Pre-Primary's, Year 1s and Year 2s coming from the wide expanses of the three Districts, over 75 Auskick teams joined in the  two days of fun.

With the Central Conference Gala Day splitting the age groups over the weekend, numerous Auskick centres were subject to a bonanza of Auskick grid games played against the backdrop of the Swan River. As the Swans, Royals and Demons Districts played host to their individual Gala Days earlier in the year, the Central Conference Auskick Gala Day provided another opportunity for keen Auskick centres to test their mettle across the Metro Central region.

As the weather provided all some obstacles across the weekend, players were tested in all types of conditions as they put their skills on display and bodies on the line. In line with the Central Conference Year 8-12 Competition, the Central Conference Gala Day offering a unique opportunity for Auskick centres to familiarise themselves as a Conference fixture.

Thanks to the support of NAB, the WAFC Metro Central Game Development team would also like to thank all the support of the Auskick coaches, parents and spectactors who braved some confronting conditions over the weekend to allow their players the opportunity to be involved in the inaugural Central Conference Auskick Gala Day.  

Looking forward to the 2017 version already!

Woolworths $1000 Super Mark giveaway!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 10:00 AM

Woolworths Super Mark


It is easy for individuals to enter, all they need to do is simply upload their best mark to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #WooliesSuperMark and tagging @7AFL. Each week the winning entry will be featured on Channel 7’s Game Day.  Entrants go in the running to win $1,000 worth of Woolworths vouchers.

Programmed's $10k Facility Facelift - Upgrade your Club!

Thursday, July 21, 2016 - 3:02 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

Programmed's $10k - Facilty FaceliftFremantle Football Club key sponsor, Programmed is giving away a ‘Facility Facelift’ to the value of $10,000 to one lucky Perth metro based facility.

Get your local club, charity or school to tell Programmed in 50 words or less why your organisation deserves a Programmed makeover. 

Organisation’s of all sizes are welcome to enter. Whether it be a new vege garden, fresh coat of paint, outdoor play-scape or maintenance work, Programmed is here to help.

To enter the draw visit

Footy Fundamentals - Ready for the Second Half

Thursday, July 21, 2016 - 1:00 PM - by Daniel Curtis

Footy Fundamentals returns!

After establishing strong success in the wider Swan Valley region, we will be running the program out of the new Ellenbrook District Open Space facility.

Footy Fundamentals is a structured AFL toddler (2 years – 5 years) program, which encourages your active toddlers to develop fundamental movement skills in an AFL environment.

Footy Fundamentals prepares our kids for the future helping build fundamental movement skills such as running, hopping, catching, throwing, striking and balancing. Each week, participants will focus on a set of movement skills, and play fun team-work based games aimed to develop and build confidence. Active parent participation is a requirement.

Footy Fundamentals has branched out to new locations. Footy Fundamentals runs each school term as a seven week program and now runs in Joondalup, Subiaco, East Victoria Park, Ellenbrook and Dianella. Register at a location near you.

Our Third Quarter (Term 3) kicks off on Friday mornings from the 29th of July at Ellenbrook District Open Space.

Register at and select Ellenbrook District Open Space.

What is Footy Fundamentals?

Find out here:

Black and White Winter Edition - Progress Swans Academies in full flight!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 - 1:57 PM - by Daniel Curtis

Winter Edition of the Black and White Magazine, keeping you up to date with all the latest programs, competitons and local communituy football news in the Swans District!

In this edition, we look back at the revelling succes of the WAFC Champions League, take a look into how the Progress Swans Year 6 & 7 Academies are tracking whilst also highlighting our Swans District AFL Gold Ambassador Program.…/BlackWhiteNo2-2016/index.

To find out more details on how you can contribute to the next edition of the 'Black and White', please contact Development Officer, Daniel Curtis at or on 0430 969 906.

Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year 2016 - Nominations Open!

Monday, June 13, 2016 - 4:43 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

~~As another footy season continues along - its time to stop and take a minute to recoginise our hard working volunteers. Community Football wouldnt survive without the contribution and efforts from passionate volunteers, who live and breathe our traditional game. The 2016 Sunday Times WA Football Volunteer of the Year Award looks to recognize these amazing efforts across Western Australia.

Each WAFL District and Region will submit a finalist who attends the 2016 Sandover Medal Count in which the overall winner will be announced.



Anyone can nominate a volunteer up until registrations close on July 25th.


 Nominate now!

Starlets Display Raw Talent

Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 3:24 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

THE Swans District has recently completed another successful Kirby Bentley Cup campaign. Thriving off the back of the recent Nicky Winmar Carnival, the Kirby Bentley Cup is aimed at adolescent indigenous females and engaging them in a structured program to facilitate their potential participation in community clubs. The Kirby Bentley Cup is a critical carnival for the engagement of young Indigenous females to establish a segue into Australian Rules Football. Hosted in early April at Lightning Park, Noranda, the Kirby Bentley Cup offers an opportunity for local indigenous females to be coached by fellow female indigenous role models and build a base for the WA KickStart team.

The Kirby Bentley Cup is named after female Indigenous star, Kirby Bentley who is also a current player of the Melbourne Demons FC, Swan Districts Women’s Football Club and an active female indigenous role model. Swans District was coached by Swan Districts Women’s Football Club and 2015 WA KickStart coach, Courtney Ugle and with support from District staff were able to engage more than 25 girls in the program. Ugle, was thrilled by the raw talent on display, “The opportunity for these girls to showcase their skills and play is pivotal for their future engagement in the sport and get involved at a talent pathway as well”.

WAFC Development Officer, Dan Curtis was also able to engage more than 10 girls through a training program in Bunbury as a part of the South West zone and facilitate their participation in the Kirby Bentley Cup accordingly. With 14 teams across the State represented on the night, the scope for growth in the female indigenous sector is undeniable as WAFC Metro Central staff aim to establish the infancies of the Kirby Bentley Academy and provide another layer of engagement with these talented players. With strong pathways already indicated in the indigenous boy’s pathway, the aim is to establish strong academies for both male and female indigenous players within their respective Districts as a way to produce more talent and participation in the code

Fremantle FC session with Nicky Winmar Academy

Thursday, January 14, 2016 - 2:05 PM - by Dan CURTIS

The Swans District is set to gear up its preparation with the Nicky Winmar Academy, in 2016. With training due to commence in early February, players will be put through their paces as the Nicky Winmar Carnival draws closer, which will be held on Sunday, March 6 at Bendigo Bank Stadium, Mandurah.

We are fortunate to be holding a Fremantle FC session with the participating Nicky Winmar Academy players on the return training session, Tuesday, the 9th of February at 4.30pm at Ron Jose Oval, Midvale.

The Nicky Winmar Carnival was originally created to provide young Aboriginal youth with another platform to enter the WA Football talent pathway. The carnival targets disengaged players with the aim of getting them back into the football system at club level and in development squads.

Swans District, after winning the 2015 Nicky Winmar Carnival, had 6 players represented in the WA KickStart Championship team, while there was a further 3 players selected in the National Boomerangs Squad. Swans have shown to provide an outstanding pathway for young and talented Indigenous males to get involved in the next pathway of playing.

With another strong coaching group at the helm in 2016, Swans is certainly looking forward to providing further opportunities for all players to get involved within the Nicky Winmar Academy.

*Any Indigenous/Torres Strait Islander boys born in 2001, 2002 or 2003 are eligible to participate*

Contact Development Officer, Dan Curtis on 0430 969 906 or at for more.

WCE Coaching Masterclass & Panel Night rolls into Lathlain

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 3:13 PM - by Dan CURTIS

The WAFC in partnership with the West Coast Eagles will be hosting a Coaching Masterclass and Panel Night at Lathlain Park on Monday 8th February 2016.

The event hosted by Clint Wheeldon will include an expert coaching session from WCE coaching group, Q/A panel, squad signing and is a rare opportunity for community football stakeholders to gain direct access to one of the AFL’s most professional and successful teams of recent times.

We would encourage any interested parties from all Districts to attend and benefit from the event.

The event details are as follows –

WCE Sportsman’s Night
Date – Monday 8th February, 2016
Location – Lathlain Park, Cnr Goddard and Bishopgate Street
Time – 7:30pm-10:00pm

Cost- $25/ per head or $200 table of 10 person
*All tables of 10 will go into the draw to win a signed 2016 West Coast Eagles Jumper
*Bar facilities and light refreshments available

Registration Link –

Coaching Master Class  ***Free Event****
Date- Monday 8th February, 2016
Location- Lathlain Park, Cnr Goddard and Bishopgate Street
Time – 6:00pm-7:00pm

Registration Link -
** This session is open to all coaches and will be capped at the first 50 coaches to register***
If you require further information please contact Isaac Stewart (Central Metro Community Development Manager) on 0429 000 347 or Matt McNally (Metro North District Operations Manager) on 0400361188

AFL 9s to Light Up Mundaring

Monday, January 11, 2016 - 10:53 AM - by Dan CURTIS


The AFL 9s official social version of the game is back to light up the Shire of Mundaring in 2016. To be held under the bright lights of Mundaring Recreation Ground, the Swans District is catering for a Juniors, Mixed & Mens Competition.

After running the competition in the Spring of 2014, the Mundaring AFL 9s Centre is back by popular demand, and will be played on Wednesday nights, kickstarting on the 3rd of February. McDonald's AFL 9s continues to strive to attract more communities to get involved with the strong social aspect of playing with family and friends in a relaxed environment.

So what is McDonalds AFL 9s and where do I sign?

McDonalds AFL 9s is the AFL’s newest social product, which is defined by its high-speed and free-flowing nature. McDonalds AFL 9s is played with small-sided squads of nine players on a modified playing field. McDonalds AFL 9s also provides an inclusive environment which doesn’t contain bumping or tackling, which makes it suitable for all ages, genders and skill levels.

Should you need more details about the McDonalds AFL 9s Mundaring Centre, speak to Swans District Participation Officer, Dan Curtis on 0430 969 906 | | 

Swans Make a Splash at St Leonards

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 12:29 PM

Walter Day Park at St Leonards Private Estate played host to the St Leonards-Dayton Residents Association Community Fair on the 5th September. The Swans District in partnership with Little Group and Progress Developments delivered a series of skill development drills and modified games to promote AFL in Caversham, Dayton and West Swan.

The Community Fair saw a swathe of people participate in a number of different activities designed to enrich the broader Swan Valley community. The Community Fair saw kids big and small interact in a series of activations including Auskick, DJs, jumping castles, pet rescue, art workshops, face painting and petting zoos. The Community Fair also saw a number of diverse stalls which demonstrated the diversity of the Swan Valley including the burgeoning Indian population with service providers such as Turbans & Trust. Kids from St Leonard Private Estate and the beyond the Swan Valley participated in a number of Auskick drills and modified games including Kick-to-Kick and King of the Pack, which also managed to entice the participation of some parents.

Swans District staff donated prizes to the spectators including Swans District equipment sponsored by Little Group and Progress Developments, whilst promoting the benefits of playing AFL at local junior community clubs including Caversham JFC. The St Leonards Community Fair provided Caversham JFC and Swans District with the perfect opportunity to promote Auskick and junior community club pathways at Caversham JFC in 2016. The St Leonards Community Fair, which was proudly supported by Swans District Principal Partners, Little Group and Progress Developments, displayed the positive linkages between community bodies in Caversham, Dayton and West Swan.

Hollywood Comes to Swans

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 12:04 PM

The Swans Gala Night was held on the 17th of September at Oakover Grounds in Middle Swan. The night had an Oscars Hollywood theme to it with the red carpet being rolled out for guests from junior clubs, school ambassadors, SDFDC members and central conference staff. The night started out on the lawn with some live music from the band The Silent Deeds before everyone went inside and took to their club tables to hear from our host Clint Wheeldon. The nigh included a welcome from SDFDC Chair Ian Westmore, a district overview from Community Development Manager Isaac Stewart as well as a number of awards and a fun raffle and silent auction. The night was a great success and was the perfect opportunity for volunteers in our district to be recognised. Listed below are all the award winners.

• Swans District AFL School Ambassador of the Year- Joe Kendall (Helena College)
• One Life Auskick Coach of the Year- Shannon Shaw (Forrestfield JFC)
• One Life Junior Coach of the Year- Ian Brown (Caversham JFC)
• One Life Youth Coach of the Year- Dave Matheson (Hills Rangers JFC)
• SD Junior Football Umpires Association Outstanding Achievement Award- Adam Grixti
• Auskick Burley Sekem Champion Club- Kalamunda JFC
• Junior Burley Sekem Champion Club- Darlington JFC
• Youth Burley Sekem Champion Club- High Wycombe JFC
• Progress Developments District Achievement Award- Leah Stupar (Hills Rangers JFC)
• Swans District Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year Finalist- Murray Sullivan (Mundaring JFC)
• Swans District Sunday Times Volunteer of the Year Finalist Winner- Linda King (Aveley JFC)

Finals Fever Hits Swans

Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 11:42 AM

The 2015 Swans District Junior Football Competition came to a close this September concluding with some great Grand Finals held over an exciting weekend. The Year 6 round robin competition concluded on Saturday the 12th of September at Reid Oval, with Caversham coming out ahead over one of the Hills Rangers teams. The Year 7 Division 1 and 2 Grand Finals were also held at Reid Oval that day with Chittering winning the Division 1 and High Wycombe the Division 2 final. The very next Sunday the Swans District Year 8 and Year 9 Grand Finals were held at Steel Blue is front of quite a healthy crowd. The Year 8 final turned into a nail bitter with Upper Swan stealing victory with a 2 point win over the Caversham Suns. The last game of the Swans Junior Competition was the Year 9 Grand Final which was won by High Wycombe.

Attention soon turned to the Central Conference Grand Finals which were to be played across the three districts, Perth, East Perth and the Swans District. The East Perth District hosted the Year 10 Ryan Davis Division with Kalamunda prevailing over Swan View to become premiers. Back at Steel Blue the Year 11 Steven Payne Competition was concluding with the High Wycombe Bulldogs winning out against Bassendean in the Grand Final.  The Year 12s were to follow the Year 11s final with Mazenod taking out the win in the Dene White Competition over Bassendean. The weekend of finals brought to a close a great season for the Swans District and the success of an added age group to the Central Conference Competition, we look forward to the expansion of the Central Conference in the near future.

Hills Pathway Ignites

Monday, September 7, 2015 - 9:00 AM - by Daniel CURTIS

Hills Rangers Junior Football Club in partnership with the Swans District have developed a fantastic new program that looks to bridge the gap for Junior Hills Club players as they enter their Youth pathways in the Swans District going forward.

In consultation with a number of key stakeholders in the wider Hills community, the Hills Rangers Year 6 Program looks to encapsulate all current Year 6 Junior Hills players and formalise the Hills Rangers Year 6 Round Robin teams which participate in the Swans District JCC Round Robin Competition.

As the Round Robin Competition provides a fantastic lead in for Swans District Junior Competition teams and players to familiarise themselves with their future induction into Youth football, the Junior Hills Clubs have formed together two exciting teams under the Hills Rangers Junior Football Club banner.

With players and coaching staff coming together from the number of Junior Hills Clubs, all players received their own specifically designed Hills Rangers singlets to wear to training and on game day. With admin and coaching support from Swans District staff, the Hills Rangers Yr 6 Program has been a resounding success with nearly 90% of players in the Junior Hills Competition being involved in the program.

Chidlow JFC President and Hills Rangers Yr 6 Grey Coach, Sean Fitzgerald, was appreciative of the support by all parties involved in putting together the program, "The support we've received from Swans District and the Hills Rangers JFC in ensuring that the future stars of tomorrow have a strong and viable pathway to follow has been fantastic for all involved".

Swans District and the Hills Rangers JFC aims to continue this strong and viable pathway for all players in the Shire of Mundaring. We would also like to thank Kal Express for the in kind support of the Year 6 Hills Rangers program.


Fledgling Swans Rise

Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 6:11 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

The Swans District Football Development Council (SDFDC), recently held it's Swans District Year 8/9 Fairest & Best Awards night, aimed at highlighting the fantastic achievements of its newest generation of Youth footballers in the District.

With over 100 players, parents and officials in attendance, Swans District Competition Director, Trevor Gosatti, whisked through the vote counts with consumate ease as the stars of tomorrow were read out in the Main Function Room at Swan Districts Football Club.

As the Year 10-12s played in the Central Conference Competition this year, (Swans, East Perth & Perth Districts), the Year 8/9 Count facilitated a number of SDFDC Life Members to be attend and present awards on the night, including Ian Foss, Steve Symcox and Gary Lovelock. Swans District would also like to recognise the support of Slater Gartrell Sports with Mike Wilkie in attendance.

A number of players showcased their prodigious talent by consistently polling votes throughout the count but it was clear that their would be two clear favourites as the count, with Mazenod's Dylan Brockbernd and Caversham's Riley Garcia pulling away to be deserving winners. The Year 8/9 Count also made mention of our top Swans District polling players in the Central Conference Competitions as well the Leading Goal Kickers throughout all the divisions.

Swans District would like this opportunity to thank all its tremendous volunteers that continue to pour their time and energy into ensuring our Junior Competitions are run at the highest level possible.

Please refer to below for final award winners,

Swans District JCC

Year 8s

Winner: Dylan Brockbernd, Mazenod JFC, 35 votes

Runner Up: Benjamin Blisset, Upper Swan JFC, 29 votes

Leading Goal Kicker: Giacomo Paduano, Mazenod JFC, 49 goals

Year 9s
Winner: Riley Garcia, Caversham JFC, 26 votes

Runners Up: Thomas Moore, Upper Swan JFC, 19 votes

Leading Goal Kicker: Nathan Sutton, Hills Rangers JFC, 40 goals

Swans District Top Polling Players

10s Barry Cable - Tyler Bennett, Upper Swan JFC

LGK: Adrian Gosatti, Upper Swan JFC, 61 goals

10s Ryan Davis - Edwin Milera, Swan View JFC

LGK: Edwin Milera, Swan View JFC, 44 goals

11s Steven Payne - Kane Swithenbank, Mazenod JFC

LKG: Trent Simpson, High Wycombe JFC, 41 goals

12s Dene White - Giles Dent, Mazenod JFC & Kieran Lesk, Bassendean JFC

LKG: Kieran Lesk & Trent Saines, Bassendean JFC, 41 goals

Future Stars Shine

Thursday, September 3, 2015 - 1:21 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

The Central Conference Competition, recently held its annual Fairest & Best Awards Night to recognise the prodigous talent that is currently flowing through the East Perth, Perth and Swans District. With over 150 attendees filling out the Main Function Room at Swan Districts Football Club, the Yr 10s, Yr 11s and Yr 12 Competitions were all up in lights as the beacon for the future of Youth football.

All 3 respective Competition Directors from each District, in Trevor Gosatti (Swans), Ange Barbaro (East Perth) and Justin Sambell (Perth), proceeded to roll through the counts in a professional yet relaxed frame of mind that aims to recognise our most talented youth players in front of their most respected peers.

After enjoying a full buffet and kickstarting the numerous counts from Round 10 onwards, it was unaminous that this is the night of nights for the Central Conference Competition. WAFC Metro Central Community Operations Manager, Scott Faulkner, who MC'd the night, was glowing in the praise for what the competition brings to the table, " The Central Conference Competition in 2015, encapsulated Yr 10s through to Yr 12s throughout the 3 respective District zones and has created a fantastic competition for players to square up against fellow neighbouring clubs and teams while also providing a dynamic and quality competition".

As the night reached its climax, a number of promising youth players were awarded and congratulated in front of a rousing crowd. The Royals, Demons and Swans District would like to take this opportunity to thank of all its wonderful volunteers in running such a quality competition in 2015 and we would like to congratulate all those who won awards on the night.

Please see below for Central Conference Fairest & Best Awards

Yr 10s Barry Cable Division

Winner: Tyler Bennett, Upper Swan JFC, 27 votes

Runner Up: Adam Disisto, Mazenod JFC, 19 votes

Yr 10s Ryan Davis Division

Winner: Caleb White, Queens Park JFC, 19 votes

Runner Up: Edwin Milera, Swan View JFC, 14 votes

Yr 11s Steven Payne Division

Winner: Elliot Laurence, Ballajura JFC, 27 votes

Runner Up: Kane Swithenbank, Mazenod JFC, 24 votes

Yr 12s Dene White Division

Winner: Harry Blanch, Noranda JFC, 23 votes

Runner Up: Jordan Harris, Thornlie JFC, 19 votes

Please visit our Facebook page, 'Swans District' for photos of all award winners.

AFL 9s Springs In The Valley

Monday, August 31, 2015 - 4:09 PM

This coming spring, McDonald’s AFL 9s is set to capture the Swan Valley with the innovative and unique product about to explode at Coolamon Reserve. The joint project between the Swans and Royals District, AFL 9s Swan Valley is expected shine bright at the outstanding new City of Swan precinct. 

McDonald’s AFL 9s, although strong in the Royals District is yet to be untapped in the Swans District and running off the back of the opening of EDOS, AFL 9s Swan Valley is set to play host to a Junior and Open Age Competition.

The modified format allows children and adults of all ages and abilities to be involved in an inclusive and social program. Played on a revised rectangular field, McDonald’s AFL 9s offers teams of 9 the chance to participate in a social atmosphere that emphasises engagement and enjoyment for all participants.

With EDOS now becoming the home to the Ellenbrook Dockers JFC and the possibility of the future developments of the Dayton and Brabham Playing Fields, the Swan Valley is sure to burst with increased participation across a number of key target areas.

AFL 9s Swan Valley is set to kick off in the October and November months and allow participants the chance to get their footy fix during the Spring months, stay tuned to,or contact Swans District Development Officer, Daniel Curtis at for more details.

Ducklings Splash Into Auskick

Monday, August 31, 2015 - 4:05 PM

The Auskick Gala Day was held on Sunday the 6th of June at Jubilee Reserve in Bassendean. There were over 14 clubs in attendance with 41 teams over the pre-primary and year 1 age groups. The day started out with all the Auskickers taking part in a club parade, where they smiled and waved at all their parents and supporters.

After the parade all of the players split into their teams and started the fun day ahead. Teams moved around to different skill stations as well as playing gird games against other teams and clubs. Many of the skill stations were run by Swan District Football Club players, the skill stations included long kicking and handballing targets.

The grid games were also umpired by SDFC players with them able to give handy hints to the players and coaches as the day went on. This year we also had Thornlie All Girls Auskick and Coolbinia All Girls Auskick come and play against the High Wycombe Girls, it is a positive step having other clubs from the metro conference come and join in on club days.

For girl’s teams we see creating cross-district relationships as a positive towards making a better junior girls competitions. It was great to see so many young kids enjoying football and having fun playing with their friends, while learning new skills and an awesome effort by clubs and Auskick coordinators to bring down their players as these kids are the future of community football.

Swans Showcase Juniors

Monday, August 31, 2015 - 3:52 PM

The Junior Club Day was a great success, held on the 7th of June at the Swans Districts FC Vs East Perth FC WAFL game. The day coincided with the Swans District televised channel 7 game and allowed for all the junior club colours to be seen behind the goals during the game. 

The annual parade was held just before the league game with all attending clubs marching around the ground with their banners and team colours proudly on show. All of the kids then made a race for the league players to run out of and were able to see the Swan Districts FC players up close.

The Swan Districts FC football club put on a sausage sizzle and extra entertainment for all the junior club kids to enjoy while watching the match. It was an opportunity for a lot of the children to meet Sid the Swans Mascot for the first time as well as the McDonalds mascots Hamburglar and Birdie the Early Bird. 

It was great to see so many kids and parents in their junior club colours and we would like to thank all junior clubs and parents for bringing down their players as well as the Swan Districts Football Club in helping with the organisation of the event.

Mazenod College Lands At Domain Stadium

Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 12:01 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

Mazenod College have overcome a variety of the challenges to book their place in the WAFC Eagles Year 8/9 Schoolboys Cup Grand Final.

The curtain rasier is to be played at Domain Stadium, on Saturday the 5th of September as the pre-cursor to the West Coast Eagles vs St. Kilda game. After weeks of strong competition, the Mazenod College Year 8/9 team has moved through undefeated and will play Comet Bay College in the grand final.

Superbly led by their Phys Ed department and coach, Jake Akmens with assistant, Tim Grabski, Mazenod safely negiotated through the Swans/Royals District Metro Zone, beating fellow super powers, Darling Range Sports College and Governor Stirling SHS before advancing to to the Swans Metro/Country game against Bunbury Catholic College. A comprehensive win followed and a trip to Jurien Bay was the result to line up against a strong Nagle Bay outfit in the Quarter Final.

Led by captain, Luke English, with 4 goals, the Mazenod team displayed some outstanding quality football to run out solid victors. After coming out as the Swans Metro & Country winners, Mazenod were drawn Sacred Heart College with a chance to earn the right to play at Domain Stadium.

As voted by WAFC District staff & umpires, best on ground, Mav Hamilton ensured Mazenod ran out comfortable winners after a spirited first half by the Sacred Heart team. Swans District Development Officer, Dan Curtis spoke of the quality of school football in the District, "We have a number of strong football schools and programs not only in Swans District but also in the State and it's a credit to the football program put in place by the Phys Ed Department at Mazenod College to have this fantastic opportunity in the coming weeks".

Swans District wishes Mazenod College the best of luck in their attempt to become the WAFC Eagles Year 8/9 Schoolboys Champions in 2015.

Darling Range Goes Back To Back

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 - 3:33 PM - by Daniel CURTIS

The 2015 Schoolboys RediMed Cup competition has recently concluded with Darling Range Sports College winning their second consecutive Cable Division title over a gallant CBC Fremantle.

Darling Range burst out of the blocks early slamming on five quick goals in the first 15 minutes of the game. CBC fought hard to stem the flow, though by half time Darling Range had opened up a match winning lead.

After the break, CBC was able to match Darling Range in general play but couldn’t put that good work on the scoreboard. Darling Range eventually broke away with some outstanding team football to eventually run out comfortable winners.

John Levin (Darling Range) and Sam Timewell (CBC Fremantle) were presented with the special Schoolboys RediMed Cup match footballs in recognition of being their school’s best players in the Grand Final. The Rhys Kampen Memorial Medal was awarded to Jayden Johnson from Darling Range for his outstanding contributions throughout the competition.

Swans District Development Officer, Daniel Curtis spoke of the outstanding professionalism shown by the AFL program, " It's a credit to the professional environment that Clay McLernon, James Embley and Shaun Clifford have developed over a number of years which has now resulted in the success of competitions such as these".

AFL Legend and WA Hall of Fame Member Barry Cable was on hand to present the Schoolboys RediMed Cup and medallions to the players, coaches and umpires.

WAFC Schools Competitions Manager Clayton Anderson said one of the major directions of the WA Football Commission and School Sport WA when the competition was established was to ensure Australian Rules Football was offered in all Secondary Schools.

“Over the years football has provided the vehicle where values like loyalty, teamwork, respect, leadership, mateship, endeavour and integrity are taught. Both teams demonstrated these qualities in a highly skilled display and true sportsman’s like manner,” he said.

“The West Australian Football Commission is extremely proud to have new program partner ‘RediMed’ on board for 2015 and for the next two years. We thank RediMed for their support as our major program partner and look forward to their continued support in 2016 and 2017.

“Congratulations must also be extended to all schools involved in this year’s program we look forward to having them participate next year.”

Cable Division Grand Final:

Darling Range SC          10.1          14.4          (88)

CBC Fremantle                0.0              0.1           (1)

Best: Darling Range SC – John Levin, Jayden Johnson, James Dereyne

CBC Fremantle – Sam Timewell, Brodee Knight, Jordan Biondillo

Tweeter Realises His Dreams

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 12:28 AM

Swans District product, Blaine Boekhorst, who quickly earned the name Tweeter due to his post about Carlton Blues FC and their performances during 2014, was snared by Carlton Blues FC in the 1st Round of the AFL National Draft. Boekhorst described his nickname as the ideal way to break the ice with his new coach and teammates. “I think it’s everybody’s dream as a kid to play AFL,” said Boekhorst. Boekhorst, who was a past state volleyball player, scratched the surface on his AFL career playing in the red dust of Port Hedland. In 2014, Boekhorst played 19 out of 20 WAFL matches with Swan Districts FC, averaging more than 20 possessions. Boekhorst’s WAFL performances, which were highlighted by his line breaking capacity, saw the pacy midfielder participate in the State Draft Combine followed by subsequent selection at Pick 19 in the AFL National Draft.

Boekhorst, who describes Carlton Blues FC star Chris Judd as a childhood hero, spoke of Judd’s impact as a mentor to Boekhorst in his debut season. “As a kid I grew up watching Judd dominate that era and to come over and play alongside him is an honour”.  Boekhorst, who made his debut against St Kilda FC during ANZAC Round in New Zealand, gave Carlton Blues FC supporters a glimpse of his potential with 13 disposals in his side’s 40 point win. Boekhorst described Carlton Blues FC’s emphatic win as a great feeling having played a significant part in the Blues engine room during the match at Wellington Stadium. With Boekhorst having proved himself as a star performer in the WAFL with Swan Districts FC, Swans District are looking forward to seeing how Blaine develops as a player in the next phase of his career with Carlton Blues FC. 

Swans Swoop on Nicky Winmar Cup

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 12:09 AM

The Swans District claimed a number of big scalps in its pursuit for victory at the Nicky Winmar Carnival on the 1st March at Bendigo Bank Stadium. The Nicky Winmar Carnival, which was named after past St Kilda FC star Nicky Winmar, was designed by the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) in partnership with the WA Football Commission (WAFC) to provide young Indigenous males with clearly defined pathways to participation at junior community clubs and exposure to WAFL Development Squads. The Nicky Winmar Carnival also developed to provide young Indigenous males with the chance to qualify for the National KickStart Championships.

The Swans District coupled with Swan Districts Football Club paved the way for a strong campaign, subsequent to the nomination of two metropolitan sides in 2014. Despite having more than 60 players wear the black and white in 2014, the coaching staff planned to take the next step by promoting the Nicky Winmar Carnival through junior community clubs and secondary schools. Swans District staff planted the seed in November 2014, following a number of discussions with key secondary schools such as Clontarf Aboriginal College, Guildford Grammar and La Salle College.

The success of the Swans District Nicky Winmar Carnival strategy has been predominantly down to the manpower and resources poured into the program.  The program has seen the participation of a number of key WAFC, WAFL and secondary school stakeholders including Swan Districts FC Operations Manager, Rick Anderson, Swan Districts FC Player Development Officer, Steve Thomson, Guildford Grammar Aboriginal Liaison Office, Andrew Beck, Lockridge Primary School Teacher, Darius Schwarz and Clontarf Aboriginal College Director, Dan Toner.

Thanks to the support of South West Coaching and Talent Coordinator, Jamie Douse and V Swans High Performance Manager, Clint Degebrodt, Swans District had the capacity to support a metropolitan and a regional Nicky Winmar Carnival side. The Swans District metropolitan side dominated Pool 1, which was composed of Claremont/Subiaco, East Fremantle/Midwest, Goldfields, Midlands, Perth, South Fremantle and West Perth. Swans Metro was undefeated at the Nicky Winmar Carnival, subsequently finishing number one in Pool 1.

Swans District Metro narrowly defeated Claremont/Subiaco by two points in Round 3, following a magical banana kick from 40 metres by skipper Joe Hinder. The stage was set in the Semi-Final with Swans District Metro facing East Perth in a one-sided contest, which saw Swans Metro win 5.6.36 to 0.0. The Grand Final pitted Swans Metro against its closest neighbours Perth Metro, which finished top of Pool 2 following a nail-biting one point win against Claremont/Subiaco.

The Grand Final saw another outstanding display of slick ball movement and sheer pace from Swans District Metro, which led to a resounding victory for the Black Ducks against the big bodied Perth Metro. The Swans Metro performance was highlighted by Eli Hill and Ryan Bennell, who showcased their elite skills at the Nicky Winmar Carnival, whilst Mitchell Henry, Joe Hinder and Isaiah Humphries put in dominant displays in their respective positions.

The Swans District was proud of all players who pulled on the black and white jumper and the great support they provided to each other at the Nicky Winmar Carnival across the 7 matches. The Swans District wants to personally tank administration and coaching staff, parents and players who participated in the Nicky Winmar Carnival.  The Swans District also thanks DSR and WAFC for pouring their significant energies into compiling the Nicky Winmar Carnival. The Swans District now sets its sights on going back-to-back in 2016.

House of the Rising Sun

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 12:01 AM

Caversham Suns JFC are set to shine in its debut season in the Swans District Junior Competition and to mark this occasion, Black & White spoke to Caversham JFC President, Geoff Buck to discover the story behind Caversham JFC and how things are shaping up for 2015 and beyond. Caversham JFC, which was previously known as La Salle JFC elected Buck back in 2011, which is seen as defining moment for the future of Caversham JFC. La Salle JFC wasn’t sustainable in its present structure due to a number of issues associated with facilities and player recruitment. The bulk of players were sourced from La Salle College, which meant La Salle JFC had difficulties in developing Auskick and junior community pathways.

In 2012, Geoff and his committee developed a strategy to develop La Salle JFC into a junior community club, but were prevented from doing so due to the peak utilization of La Salle College Oval by AFL and other sporting codes. La Salle JFC was also devoid of a clubroom, which meant they didn’t possess the capacity to utilize the canteen or store equipment. The expansion of La Salle College was matched by their growing desire to utilize La Salle College Oval, which decreased the capacity for La Salle JFC to utilize it on a sustainable basis. With the sustainability of La Salle JFC in question, it was a simple decision for Buck and La Salle JFC to either become a junior community club with a pathway from Auskick to Year 12s or move to a different playing ground.

Despite this move being initially met with some resistance by La Salle College and La Salle JFC stakeholders, La Salle JFC which has been in the Swans District Junior Competition since 1952, saw that it was poised to benefit from the flourishing population of Caversham, Dayton and West Swan. Caversham JFC has since made moves to recognize the newly minted junior community club’s historical links to La Salle JFC. Caversham JFC has also decided to stick with tradition by hosting the Borg Cup, which was played between Bassendean JFC and La Salle JFC Year 12s in memory of Adam Borg, a past Bassendean JFC and La Salle JFC player.

The shift to Caversham JFC has seen the inclusion of a highly dedicated band of new committee members coupled with a smattering of experienced committee members sourced from La Salle JFC. The new committee is excited by the shimmering potential of Caversham JFC and is committed to seeing AFL succeed and expand in Caversham and the surrounding suburbs. In 2015, Caversham JFC will play in the Swans District Year 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s Junior Competition and the Year 10s and 12s WAFC Central Conference coupled with the development of a community-based Auskick Centre. Buck is delighted by the rapid expansion of Caversham JFC particularly in Auskick and the Year 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s, which Buck sees as the backbone of Caversham JFCs dazzling future.

Despite La Salle JFC players dominating the makeup of the Year 8s, 9s, 10s and 12s, Auskick and modified community sides consist of a swathe of players sourced from Caversham, Dayton and West Swan. Buck hopes Caversham JFC will begin to source more players from such suburbs between 2016 and 2017 when Caversham Playing Fields is destined for completion. The surprising degree of community support has been a boon for Caversham JFC with its profile expected to burn brighter as the season dawns on the 19th April. Since becoming Caversham JFC, Buck said the junior community club has witnessed some early success stories with sponsors including Swans District Principal Partner, Progress Developments providing fantastic support to Caversham JFC in its debut season in the Swans District Junior Competition.

Despite Caversham JFC’s obvious desire to play in the Swans District Junior Competition Grand Finals, Buck sees the development of a junior community club, increased player numbers and support of fantastic sponsors like Progress Developments as the true success story. Buck believes the Suns are destined to become a beacon in the suburbs of Caversham, Dayton and West Swan with the potential to attract a significant number of kids and parents from diverse nationalities who have settled at Chenel at St Leonard’s, St Leonard’s Private Estate and Suffolk Park Private Estate. Caversham JFC embraces inclusive practices and seeks to provide junior community club pathways for kids of all abilities and cultures to participate in our great game.

Buck recognizes the support of Progress Developments Managing Director, Chris Lewis and WAFC Community Development Manager, Metropolitan Central, Isaac Stewart who supported La Salle JFC in its transition to Caversham JFC, coupled with the dedicated La Salle JFC committee members who stayed onboard to guide the Suns through the governance process including Secretary, Sandra Zagabria and Registrar Desi O’Kane. Buck said that without the support of such key stakeholders, the development of Caversham JFC would not have been possible. The Swans District wishes Caversham JFC all the best in their debut season and congratulates the residents of Caversham and the surrounding suburbs for supporting the development of their local junior community club.

Swans Fly at Kirby Bentley Cup

Friday, June 12, 2015 - 1:20 AM

There was no sign of second-year blues at the 2015 Kirby Bentley Cup with Lightning Park in Noranda setting the stage for the participation of more than 200 Indigenous girls in an electrifying nine-per-side competition. The Kirby Bentley Cup, which was badged after the Melbourne Demons FC and Swan Districts FC player, is geared towards Indigenous girls aged between 13 and 17.

The Kirby Bentley Cup bares similarities to the Nicky Winmar Carnival, which pitted the Swans District against a suite of sides from across Western Australia and acts as a key scouting vehicle for the National KickStart Carnival. The Swans District started its Kirby Bentley Cup preparations in February with monumental success having nominated three sides, which surpassed the team nominations of any other district.

The girls are sourced from Swan Districts FC Youth Girls coupled with a sprinkling of secondary school girls who have barely played AFL beyond kick-to-kick in the backyard. The differing levels of experience has permitted the more senior girls to assume leadership roles within the Swans District sides and provide the younger girls with somebody to look up to. The Swans District showed plenty of spunk at the Kirby Bentley Cup with Swans Black making a dramatic comeback following its shock defeat in Round 1 to secure a place in the Semi-Finals.

It was exciting to see so much female and Indigenous football talent on display. Special thanks must go to the Swans District coaching staff including Anika Gillespie, Courtney Ugle and Kathleen Prosser coupled with Swans District officials who ensured a positive experience for Kirby Bentley Cup participants. Congratulations to all Swans District players who made it a magic night for Swans District staff and volunteers alike.

Ducklings Dive Into Auskick

Friday, June 12, 2015 - 12:32 AM

Caversham Primary School students have dived into Auskick, Faction Footy and Swans Footy Fundamentals in a big way. The Swans District, in partnership with Progress Developments, is supporting the development of junior footballers in Pre-Primary, Year 1 and Year 2 on Wednesdays and Years 3 and 4 on Thursdays during Term 2. The six week programs are part of the Swans District’s strategic ploy to increase Auskick and junior community participation at Caversham Junior Football Club and subsequently the Swans District Junior Competition.

Progress Developments and Swans District continue to make a splash in the suburbs of Caversham, Dayton and West Swan with Term 2 barely scratching the surface on the community development programs pinpointed for 2015. Swans Footy Fundamentals, which is designed to suit the smallest kind of footballer, are providing students with a sample of junior football in the Swans District Junior Competition.

Despite the programs being developed to suit kids aged 2 to 9; it’s not just about playing ducks and drakes, with Caversham Primary Schools students receiving coaching on a number of different AFL skills including handball and kicking. Swans District Participation Officer, Maddie Morskate, has been delivering a myriad of games geared towards developing basic game sense skills including Farmer Sam, Footy Scarecrow, Rob the Nest, Run the Gauntlet.

With some students being exposed to AFL for the first time in a suburb where 22 percent of people are born overseas and some already, Swans District is excited to see the skills of the Pre-Primary, Year 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s students grow by Term 3. The Swans District appreciates the amazing support of Progress Developments for the suite of Primary School offerings at Caversham Primary School and subsequently enhancing the profile of AFL within Caversham, Dayton and West Swan.