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Swans stars shine at Central Conference Awards

Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 12:27 PM

The WAFC Central Conference Awards season kicked off with a stack of Swans District future stars coming out on top in their respective Fairest & Best counts.

Played in front a packed house at Medibank Stadium, players were recognised for their outstanding talents throughout the 2016 season as players head into the respective WAFC Central Conference Finals Series.

With the dolset tones of each respective District Competition Director, Trevor Gosatti (Swans), Justin Sambell (Perth) and Angelo Barbaro (East Perth) in full swing, the future stars of the game were read out in anticipation.

For the first time, a live stream of the night was published through the respective Facebook pages of each District, which allowed many players to engage in the counts like never before. After 14 rounds of pre-counted votes, the top 5 of each Division were invited to East Perth FC to live through the final rounds.

With a number of bumper divisions in the Central Conference this year, Swans District had a swag of highly touted juniors coming out on top in their respective divisions.

Please see the below list of the highest polling Swans District players as the night unfolded.

CC Year 8 Red - Division 1   -  Braeden McKeown (Mazenod JFC)
CC Year 8 White - Division 2  - Aiden Dinely (High Wycombe JFC)
CC Year 8 Blue - Division 3 -  Jahmal Indich (Bassendean JFC)
CC Year 9 Red - Division 1 - Tyler Coomber-Pill (Caversham JFC)
CC Year 9 White - Division 2 - Giacomo Paduano (Mazenod JFC)
CC Year 9 Blue - Division 3 - Digby Crossland (Midvale JFC)
CC Year 10 Barry Cable - Division 1 - Seb Bright (Hills Rangers JFC),  R/U Max Bradley (High Wycombe JFC)
CC Year 11 White - Division 1 - Adam Disisto (Mazenod JFC),  R/U Denzel More (Upper Swan JFC)
CC Year 11 Blue - Division 2 - Mark Sinclair (Caversham JFC)
CC Year 12 - R/U Kane Swithenbank (Mazenod JFC), R/U Sateki A'Vard (Bassendean JFC), R/U Tristan Judge (High Wycombe JFC)
CC Girls 15U - Mavis Lyndon (Midvale JFC)

*Bold indicates Winners*

All Central Conference Fairest & Best Counts (Yr 8-12) can be viewed on Facebook, search 'Swans District' to watch it all!