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Swans District School Clinics

The Swans District has more than 87 primary and secondary schools and in 2015 we delivered a series of school clinics to more than 15,000 students between Kindergarten and Year 12. 

Swans District school clinics are designed to suit the busy schedules of primary and secondary schools, which means we can provide specialist coaching services before, during or after school depending on the requirements of particular schools.

The suite of programs delivered by the Swans District include:
• After-School Programs
• Breakfast Programs
• Level 0 Coaching Programs
• Level 0 Umpiring Programs
• School Assembly Promotions (Including Swans Coaches & Players)
• School Clinics (Introduction)
• School Clinics
• School Clinics (Advanced)
• Swans Footy Fundamentals Program

To book a Swans District school clinic or program, please contact Swans District Partipation Officer Maddie Morskate on 9279 8700 or